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Ambitus GmbH Asset Consult


Ambitus GmbH Asset Consult offers independent and transparent asset management advice. It is an interest-free partner alongside the investor. Our clients obtain an overview of the market along with an emotion-free analysis of the capital markets. This is the basis for a responsible, sustainable and customized asset management decision.

We provide individual solutions to a selected number of clients in the field of specific and general asset management issues:

For smaller investments we offer a range of services, and for larger pools of assets we can analyze identified problem areas. As the investor's partner, we can also represent his/her interests in appropriate board or investment committees.

Several years of experience in handling institutional assets (pension trusts, insurance money, foundations) for leading, international corporations has enabled to conduct a fundamental gap analysis and a fast overall optimization process.


Ambitus GmbH Asset Consult, Grüntal 22, 81925 München , Germany