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We offer our clients independent advice in the area of asset management. This includes the following services:

  • target-oriented analysis and structuring of institutional assets or private wealth
  • active asset-allocation decisions considering the desired risk/reward profile (asset liability modelling via third parties)
  • support in selection of managers, mutual funds, administrators and custodians
  • establishing of a Master-KAG in the German market, if so wished
  • selection and implementation of special mandates, multi-manager structures, fund of funds structures or F-cube (fund of funds of funds) structures, structured products etc. (a fund of fund version or structured product could serve as first entry option for alternative investments).
  • continuous monitoring and controlling of existing and implemented asset allocation
  • periodical revision of target-setting and adjusting if necessary



Ambitus GmbH Asset Consult, Grüntal 22, 81925 München , Germany