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“Several years of cooperation between Aventis Foundation and Dr. Petra Zamagna as asset management consultant for the foundation were very successful. Even in the complicated market conditions of the years 2002/2003 we could achieve asset growth thanks to a balanced risk return profile.
Excellent and up-to-date knowledge of the qualities of portfolio managers and investment teams, real consistency in questioning the asset strategies of investors as well as early, timely and well founded and always engagingly presented suggestions to adapt the asset allocation to a changing environment qualify the consulting effort of Dr. Petra Zamagna.”

Eugen Müller
Managing Director
Aventis Foundation, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


“Petra had a very unique challenge of developing from scratch the funding and investment management for a Euro 2 billion pension plan for a major German subsidiary.  New stuff for the Germans and her French bosses.  She had the brilliance to recruit in-house expertise from the UK and US subsidiaries as part of the German Pension Committee, along with a German finance executive to assure German representation and acceptance, and an outside consultant. The Committee did absolutely world class pension investment management things at an astonishing pace. Something I was very proud to be a part of. It could not have had better leadership.”

Kenneth L. Emens
Director Benefits Finance (retired)
Sanofi-Aventis US


“I have been working closely with Dr. Petra Zamagna for many years now and have always been delighted by her level of insight and her understanding of clients’ needs. Even when faced with a complex environment and a changing market place, Dr. Petra Zamagna never failed to add value, providing us with a clear plan to move our business forward.”


Andreas Hübner
Senior Managing Director
Lazard Asset Management LLC New York


“I have known Dr. Petra Zamagna professionally for more than 20 years. I have worked together with her on many different occasions. And I was always impressed by her level of insight of products and markets. She managed to achieve at a relatively fast pace great respect within the community. Her vast language capabilities, her serious presence and poise have certainly helped her in this. She always demonstrated high support for her convictions but also appreciated well founded criticism. To work with her was always a pleasure, it was never dull and mostly interesting and brought highly satisfying results.”

Thomas Neiße
Chief Executive Officer
Deka Investment GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany


Ambitus GmbH Asset Consult, Grüntal 22, 81925 München , Germany