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Important Networking Partners


We have developed an efficient network of experts through dealing with different capital market projects and negotiating with top consultants over the years. In this way, our company can offer you the whole spectrum of financial services via independent single firms.
This network of experts is an attractive alternative to the big financial services firms.

Depending on the client’s needs, specialized teams can be formed and made available to the clients. This approach assures efficiency, transparency and eliminates conflicts of interest (no cross-selling structures).
Specialising in european asset management
Specialising in european pension issues and structured products for family offices
specialising in investment consulting for institutional clients and high net worth individuals in Switzerland, Austria and Germany
Specialising in civil society, foundations, philantropy and charities in Germany and Europe
Specialising in risk management and ALM /Asset liability modelling



Ambitus GmbH Asset Consult, Grüntal 22, 81925 München , Germany