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"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.
 Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."

 (Sun Tzu 'The art of war')

To take care of wealth is a demanding task. The worldwide network of capital markets and the complexity of investment products represents a continuous challenge.

Today more than ever, asset consulting is a source of independent support. It aims to increase transparency and efficiency. Many institutions engage consulting firms to supplement inadequate internal resources. Institutional investors and high net worth individuals prefer to get advice that is independent of banks, thereby avoiding inherent conflicts of interest.

We aim to act independently of any other provider. Clients will be informed of any 3rd party arrangement that interfere with our independent advice. This allows us to be free and act solely in accordance with the requirements and interests of our clients.

We consider our service as a holistic process: it starts with the appropriate asset allocation, continues with the support in selecting portfolio managers and performance measurement and controlling of the overall process. In the final stage we implement this entire process in a cost efficient way. The clear division of responsibilities is part of a sustainable approach. The initial set up needs to be followed up by a regular check up and - if necessary - readaptation.


Ambitus GmbH Asset Consult, Grüntal 22, 81925 München , Germany